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Life-Time Reward Based NFTs Protocol on Binance Smart Chain

Designed and developed by ATA studios, Aqua Tank is Strategy NFTs life time reward staking protocol, co-developed on the foundation of NFT-in-metaverse technology. This NFTs features an exclusive and game changing model on the BSC, Hold-to-Earn passive income mode.

The Hold-to-Earn model of this protocol encompasses all NFTs utilities. Thus creating a competitive gaming environment where the best man wins!

NFT play a pivotal role in Aqua tank. Here NFTs are useful for passive earning as well as entertainment. In this section, a brief analysis of all types of NFTs and their use case; will be disscussed.

NFTs come in two different kinds:

  • Genesis NFTs: Low supply. All Unique, Community Created NFTs. Some of them are memes. Historical value. Additional benefits and use cases to come. To be launched on stage 1 and 2 of the roadmap.
  • Collectible NFTs: Mid supply. All Unique. Different Series. Created by NFT artists. Additional benefits and use cases to come. To be launched on stage 3 of the roadmap.

Collectible NFTs can be common, rare or super rare. Depending on the occurance frequency, each NFT is labelled. These labels thereby provides different perks.

Types of NFTs

AquaTank Non-Fungible Tokens:

  1. Island NFT
  2. Pet NFTs

In order to get Pet NFTs user must have at least one Island NFTs in their wallet.

a) FREE Island NFTs: Eligibility for only participants who has contributed in Aqua Token Fairlaunch. Their wallet is automatically whitelisted in our platform. Hence, once they connect their wallet to our system, it will recheck if they have previously participated in presale. Is yes, then they can freely mint their Island NFTs in order to get PET NFTs.

b) Paid Island NFTs: Individuals who couldn’t participated in the Fairlaunch they have to pay 100,000 AQUA tokens in order to get ISLAND NFTs. Raised funds will be used for Rsearch & Development and make project words of mouth all across world.

Note: without having island NFTs individuals can’t get PET NFTs

Islan NFTs as Following

  1. Super Rare Islands
  2. Rare Islands
  3. Legendary Islands
  4. Epic Islands
  5. Common Islands

Every Island distinguished from the other one as following traits:

If individual MINT Island NFTs and they get Super Rare then 100% probability they can get Fish NFTs under Marine Pet NFTs.If they get Rare Island NFTs they 50% probability for getting Fish NFTs and 50% for TurtleLegendary Island will get a chance of 25% Fish NFTs, 40% Turtle NFTs, and 35% Octopus NFTsEpic Island can get a chance to mint NFTs with the probability of 10% Fish, 30% Turtle, and 60% Octopus.Common Island has following probability: 5% Fish, 8% Turtle, and 87% Octopus.Note: LifeTime reward on Fish, Turtle, and Octopus NFTs is not same. Fish gives highest reward, turtle and octopus respectively.

Earning of Marine-Pet NFTs as following

Fish NFTs: 24 Hours Earning: $162.5
Turtle NFTs: 24 Hours Earning: $48
Octopus NFTs: 24 Hours Earning: $11.9

For more details about Marine-Pet NFTs refer to detailed medium article here:

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