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We are pleased to announce our successful agreement for an audit partnership with the reputable firms Safuu professional Services Division. Security and transparency are two of our company’s core values. As a result, a thorough examination of our current technology and everything to come was inherent. The audit has only just begun, but we can confirm that both of these aforementioned reputable firms will provide a full audit for our decentralised smart contract.

We have medium level warnings which says owner can maximize fee upto 100% which is just because of not putting cap value. I would like to explain that we are using standard contract format it has and this smart contract is forked from one of renowned project. Idea is to renounce ownership once liquidity is locked so there is no need to get insecure or worried about this functionality. We are more focused on life-time reward utility.

Breakthrough of the smart contract audit


AquaTank is a life-time reward based NFTs protocol on binance smart chain, featured on both the console and the Metaverse. The AquaTank game has 3D holographic avatars in the AquaTank metaverse. The game is equipped with a PVE and PVP version, both of which enable Play-to-earn.

Along with a well crafted gameplay, the AquaTank project also offers different types of staking and yield farming options for users to earn and invest.

Smart Contract: hereDetailed Audit Report: here

Layer-by-Layer smart contract audit

A smart contract audit is a thorough systematised examination and analysis of the code of a smart contract that interacts with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. This process is used to identify errors, issues, and unpatched vulnerabilities in the code in order to recommend improvements and solutions. Smart contract audit of the AquaTank securities is required because our contracts deal with financial assets and/or valuable items.Therefore, we have requested two well-reputed firms to thoroughly audit our smart contracts. Both firms applied a rigorous testing method, which is briefly mentioned in the next section.

The AquaTank smart contract is thoroughly investigated using Static Analysis and Manual Review techniques. The following factors were scrutinised during the auditing process:

  • Smart contracts are tested against both common and uncommon attack vectors.
  • Examining the codebase to ensure that it adheres to current best practises and industry standards.
  • Ensure that the contract logic meets the client’s specifications and intentions.
  • Contract structure and implementation are compared to similar smart contracts produced by industry leaders.
  • Manually reviewing the entire codebase line by line

Auditor couldn’t find any critical or high risk threats though we have some medium level warnings our team would like to explain and encounter in the following section.

About Safuu Audit

Safuu generates auditable, detailed reports that identify any issues or vulnerabilities in a protocol’s code. They then categorise and list these errors based on their severity level: critical, medium, and low.

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