What are the most visceral climate scenarios (or those which are already here), which could jar peop … (thehill.com)

For example:

  • The breaking of the Doomsday glacier, causing immediate sea level rise and genocide for island and coastal cultures around the world.
  • Proliferation of fungal infections, which we have few remedies for. Also, proliferation of fungal infections among plants and wildlife, which disrupt/threaten food webs and many species' abilities to survive.
  • The collapse of the Mediterranean sea ecosystem due to ocean trawling and hotter conditions —> dead fish floating to shore, waters and beaches becoming toxic/unsafe to swim in for humans?
  • The inescapability of PFAS, which is now found in rain samples all around the world.
  • Increasing intensity of storms and extreme weather events, unlike what we've seen before. Hail storms that penetrate house walls. Lightning storms that fry all the electrical appliances and systems in your house.
  • The inter-relation of heat, violence, social collapse, rape, domination by force, collapse of human rights norms and collapse of political systems
  • Mass migration, combined with a lack of reception policies, leading to social tensions, poverty, and mass injustices

This question comes as OP explores narratives/stories (e.g. short films, songs, imagery) which could impart these impending experiences to people — to inform people of what's happening all around us (as the media is silent), and jar people to demand immediate + urgent emergency action. If you're interested in collaborating on stories/narratives about these scenarios, mention it in a reply or send a DM — looking for collaborators!

Scenarios can be any scale/scope — global (sea level rise), regional (droughts across Somalia), local (the consequences of a dried up lake/river in a place), and tragedies / scenarios that affect species and cultures at an even more local level (e.g. Walruses falling off cliffs en masse


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