New Privacy Coin Crypton (CRP) (

Crypton is a decentralized cryptocurrency and the main payment unit of Utopia ecosystem. Official ticker of Crypton is CRP. The entire process of mining and buying ecosystem resources is denominated in Crypton.

Crypton was designed to provide an instant, untraceable and irreversible mean of payment, so your identity is 100% protected.

The purpose of mining is to promote the stability of the ecosystem by increasing the number of routing connections. Utopia rewards users that support ecosystem through mining by emission of new Cryptons. When you run Utopia bot you will receive your share of collective reward. In addition to mining, you will receive regular interest on your Crypton balance.

Unique features of Crypton include:

  • Unprecedented privacy, completely untraceable transactions
  • Decentralized architecture mean ing that your balance cannot be expropriated
  • Instant transaction processing time
  • All transactions are final and cannot be reversed
  • Earnings through mining and interest on account balance
  • Built-in secure and convenient wallet
  • Sophisticated API for merchants

List of CRP Crypto Exchanges : P2PB2B, Latoken, Cryptex, Lbank, Cointiger, Hotbit, and Crypton Exchange(No KYC)

Crypton is also accepted in 1856 online stores worldwide.

Website :

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