Update For Academy Wednesdays (www.reddit.com)

A couple months ago

, where posts are restricted to high quality content. We saw some really positive discussion and a large increase in high-quality posts. Therefore, we would like to extend the trial.

However, the burden on the mod team is substantial and not sustainable. As a result, we will be altering this so that Automod can do the heavy lifting for us. From now on, Automod will automatically remove posts that do not come from an approved domain.

Domains that are currently approved are:

Government & Central Banks

Academic Journals, Publishers, & Databases

Inter-governmental Institutions

Think Tanks

  • PDF files should also be approved automatically.

If you wish to post something from another domain, post it and then send a message to the mod mail asking permission and linking to the post. If it meets the criteria, we will approve it. However, I don't make promises as to how quickly we can do that. Additionally, if anyone would like to request a domain be added to the approved list we're willing to take suggestions but we will be somewhat strict about approved domains. Lastly, we do reserve the ability to remove posts even if they come from an approved domain if the content does not meet the original criteria. I don't foresee that happening often.

As always, we will be monitoring to see how the new setup goes.

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