Is America Likely to Become an Aristocracy in the Near Future? (

According to

which shows growth in incomes and wealth by different quintiles since Jan 2000 to Dec 2022, the bottom 50th percentile has seen a only 1.7% real growth income.

  • As issues such as wealth and income mobility arise and intergenerational mobility in the US worsens what will happen?
  • If this keeps happening will we return to an aristocracy of sorts?
  • Is inequality likely to keep worsening in the United States?



The group of people belonging to the noble class in a country, especially those with a hereditary or honorary title. Belonging to a hereditary class with high social or political status; aristocratic.

So I might've used the wrong word but the American Nobility who have money, status, power and education have much more mobility in almost all the senses of the word.

Not necessarily whether we're a nation ruled by a select few who can hold office but whether or not we're a nation wherein primarily the nobility have mobility, power, status and influence.

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