Seems to me evolution found a solution to human obesity problem (Familial natural short sleep). Do y … (

Couple of days ago when reading about sleep I've found about:

Familial natural short sleep is a rare, genetic, typically inherited trait where an individual sleeps for less hours than average without suffering from daytime sleepiness or other consequences of sleep deprivation.

This trait is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait

Another common trait among people with familial natural short sleep is an increased ability at recalling memories. Other common traits include outgoing personality, high productiveness, lower body mass index than average (possibly due to faster metabolism), higher resilience and heightened pain tolerance.

This condition has no known health complications associated with it.

It is estimated that approximately 1 to 3 percent of the population has the trait

Key facts: the train is dominant and results in lower body mass index than average (possibly due to faster metabolism). If it's dominant, results in higher productivity and w/out adverse effects, why it is in only 1-3%? My guess is because 100 years ago food was scarce and faster metabolism was not an advantage, now that obesity is more of a problem than hunger, the trait will increase its prevalence (provided no "revolutions" in human development and life) and gradually obesity will be gone. Does above sound reasonable? Please argue with me. TIA

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