Bware Labs’ New Campaign Offers A Chance to Get An Exclusive $INFRA Token Airdrop

Bware Labs is a blockchain technology company that offers decentralized infrastructure solutions and developer tools. The company is managed by experienced developers who have previously worked at top tech companies such as IBM and Google, and has been endorsed by well-known names like CoinGecko and Blizzard.

Bware Labs has launched a new community campaign, which offers participants the chance to win 20 Genesis NFTs each week. These NFTs can be exchanged for $INFRA tokens after the launch, and there are three different types of Genesis NFTs: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The Gold Genesis NFTs are worth 1000 $INFRA.

To participate in the campaign, individuals must complete simple tasks such as following or joining Bware Labs' social media accounts and interacting with specific posts.

The campaign can be accessed through this link:

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