Cryptonics: Bankruptcies, Diversification, and Expansion. What’s Going on in the Market? (

➖ Coinbase aims to conquer the international money transfer market.

➖ The Paxful P2P trading platform is temporarily closed. The company’s CEO points to strict regulation in the USA.

➖ OpenSea announces the launch of the Pro version of its marketplace. The platform will provide NFT traders with an advanced set of tools and zero fees.

➖ Joe Biden urges technology companies to reduce the risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence.

➖ Three Canadian crypto exchanges will merge, creating the largest regulated digital asset trading platform in the country.

➖ Ethereum hits 7-month high ahead of Shanghai and Capella updates.

➖ Midjourney AI has banned the creation of images of Chinese President Xi Jinping, but users are finding workarounds using complex queries to create deepfakes.

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